Frequently Asked Questions

What is computer room cleaning?
The removal of dust particles, static and other contaminants from the room environment, with all areas (including sub-floor) being treated with anti-static solutions.
Why do I need my computer room to be clinically clean?
Studies have shown that around 75% of Storage and Hardware failure are caused by Environmental factors.
What are the benefits of computer room cleaning?
Reduced failure rate, consistent data availability, reliability and greater productivity.
What are the main factors that threaten Storage and Mainframe equipment?
Room temperature, humidity, carbon dust, concrete dust and rust.
How can dust affect modern equipment?
In modern Disk Storage systems, the hard disk head hovers just 12-13 millionths of an inch above disk surface. By comparison, a cigarette smoke particle for instance is around 5 times larger than this gap between disk and head. If a tiny particle of concrete dust, invisible to the naked eye, blown by the Air Conditioning system from the sub-floor, lands on the disk head, it may well be enough to cause a read/write error or even cause the head to crash altogether.
How can I justify the extra cost of this environmental maintenance?
One hour of downtime can cost between £50,000 and £500,000 an hour. In comparison to these figures, the cost of this preventative maintenance is miniscule.
Can I use my own cleaners to decontaminate my room?
Yes. You could, but this would not be advisable. Computer room cleaning is no ordinary operation, the techniques, equipment and materials, that are essential when dealing with a computer room are not the same as those of office cleaning.
Will the day to day running of my computer room be affected?
No. All our staff are trained and will ensure that the room will continue to operate smoothly whilst a clinical decontamination and anti-static treatment is in progress. We ensure that the temperature and air flow remain constant.
How can I obtain an estimate of costs for this treatment?
Contact us today and we'll arrange to survey your computer room and provide you with a written report on the room condition, and a quotation to bring the room up to 'installation standard'. We will also provide quotation for a programme of regular treatments to maintain the integrity of the room. The survey report and quotation will be provided FREE of charge and will not incur any costs to yourself or organisation.

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