Computer Room Cleaning Service

Our computer room cleaning service covers the UK & Ireland, and ensures your computer rooms, data suites, and communication centres are dust and static free.

The equipment contained in these computer rooms are both expensive and highly sensitive. Through a regular scheduled cleaning programme, the environment in which the equipment is kept can be effectively controlled, thus, eliminating/reducing the potential problems that can occur through dust or static electricity contamination.

Computer room cleaning ensures a reduction in long term maintenance costs, and the increased life-time of hardware.

Our engineers are trained and experienced in ensuring your companies continued business operations.

Our computer room cleaning services includes the cleaning of the sub-floor void, floor surface, external surfaces of equipment, doors, windows, and walls.

We provide a FREE computer room assessment, contact us on 01744 733 549.

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Cleaning Services

  • All hardware
  • Sub-floor voids
  • Ceiling voids
  • Anti-Static floor treatments
  • Walls, Doors & Windows
  • ACU's, PDU's, UPS's, etc


  • Extended life of equipment
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Savings on cost production
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimum availablility
  • Quality service

Studies on Downtime

Average Annual Downtime

A study by CA Technologies revealed the average European downtime is 14 hours p.a. However, in the UK the average downtime was 27 hours p.a.

- "Avoidable cost of downtime, 2010"

Cost Per Minute

Of 67 data centres and businesses surveyed, Ponemon Institute found that the minimum cost of downtime per minute was $939 (£566 approx), whereas the maximum was $16,246 (£9,799 approx).

- "Cost of data centre outages, 2013"

Lost Revenue

A study surveying 208 companies by the Aberdeen Group showed that lost revenue as a result of downtime averages at $163,674 per hour (£98,706 approx).

- "IT business preparedness: a combination of business continuity and disaster recovery, 2013"

Downtime vs Cost

A study by Gartner concluded that whilst the average hours of downtime has reduced, the average costs of downtime have increased 65% from 2011 to 2012.


Comms Room Cleaning

Comms Rooms host a variety of equipment that require a clean and stable environment in order to function correctly. They are generally smaller than Data Centres and Computer Rooms, but equally as important to the daily running of any business.

Dust, dirt and static will cause major malfunctions if not properly controlled. Contamination of the equipment within your comms rooms can cause them to retain heat, make components wear unnecessarily, clog fans and filters. All of this will have an impact on power consumption due to the cooling systems working that much harder. Worst case scenario it could result in hardware failure and downtime.

Scheduling a clean with us can reduce the risk of downtime and minimise the cost of business interruption. A regular cleaning programme will reduce failure rates, allow consistent data availability and provide greater reliability and productivity. It will also enhance the working environment for both staff and visitors.

Our comprehensive cleaning programmes will help reduce the level of particulate in your Comms Room. Our cleaning programmes vary from a one off deep clean to arranging a regular preventive maintenance service. We can adapt and tailor our services to meet your speacific requirements. We will provide you with a free, no obligation room survey and identify ways in which to reduce the level of contamination.

Schedule a specialist IT clean as part of your maintenance plan