Data Centre Cleaning Service

Data Centres house sensitive IT equipment. The environment in which these are kept is crucial to any organisations day to day operations.

Contamination within data centres can occur from both internal and external sources.

Our data centre cleaning services includes the cleaning of the sub-floor void, floor surface, external surfaces of equipment, doors, windows, and walls.

Data Centre Cleaning

Preventative Maintenance

Problems can occur with computer equipment that are beyond your control, however, others can be addressed by taking action and controlling the environment through preventative maintenance.

More hardware manufacturers are now insisting that environments in which their equipment is kept is maintained to a high level of cleanliness, by including conditions within their OEM warranties.

Static / Particle contamination can:

  • cause hardware to retain heat
  • make components wear unnecessarily
  • instigate hardware failure
  • clog fans & filters
  • increase power consumption

Benefits of Data Centre Cleaning

  • Extended life of equipment
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Aesthetic value

Consequences of Downtime

Any unscheduled downtime can potentially have a serious effect on your business: causing major inconvenience, cost of repair, and the potential loss of revenue. Consider the following:

  1. If your website or payment processing system went down, how much revenue would you lose per hour of downtime?
  2. How much revenue would be lost if your employees couldn't work at full capactiy because a critical system was unavailable?
  3. What if a system outage meant you couldn't meet service-level-agreements (SLAs) to your customers or partners?
  4. How would your company's reputation be affected if your critical IT systems were unavailable for more than a few hours?

Studies on Downtime

Average Annual Downtime

A study by CA Technologies revealed the average European downtime is 14 hours p.a. However, in the UK the average downtime was 27 hours p.a.

- "Avoidable cost of downtime, 2010"

Cost Per Minute

Of 67 data centres and businesses surveyed, Ponemon Institute found that the minimum cost of downtime per minute was $939 (£566 approx), whereas the maximum was $16,246 (£9,799 approx).

- "Cost of data centre outages, 2013"

Lost Revenue

A study surveying 208 companies by the Aberdeen Group showed that lost revenue as a result of downtime averages at $163,674 per hour (£98,706 approx).

- "IT business preparedness: a combination of business continuity and disaster recovery, 2013"

Downtime vs Cost

A study by Gartner concluded that whilst the average hours of downtime has reduced, the average costs of downtime have increased 65% from 2011 to 2012.

Maintenance Cleans

Through a regular maintenance schedule, the environment in which the equipment is kept can be effectively controlled, reducing the potential problems that can occur through dust and static electricity contamination.

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