Office PC Cleaning Service

In today's office environment there is more risk from germs, viruses, dirt and bugs than ever before. On average, we spend about 8 hours a day at work.

As hot desking is a major feature of many modern offices, the cleaning and sanitisation of computers, keyboards and telephones is essential in order to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

In the UK, approximately 192 million working days are lost each year, costing the economy £11.2 billion in revenue, due to work related illness.

The average toilet can harbour 49 germ microbes compare this to an average office desk on which up to 10 million germ microbes can inhabit, telephones can carry up to 25,000 per sq inch and keyboards can hold anything up to 3,500.

In order to eradicate the risk of spreading germs and bacteria it is essential to keep all IT equipment clean and free of dirt and bacteria.

A planned programme of regular computer cleaning will also enhance the office environment and can promote staff morale and ensure business continuity.

Our PC cleaning service covers the North West of England including - Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Office PC Cleaning

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